Ancestral Mediumship


Love is energy. Love is infinite. Love connects us to our beloveds and our history. This numinous vibration can be read and translated as messages from those who have crossed over. What death divides, love unites.

The signs are everywhere – that bird, that song, that flower. The ancestors seek to kindle our being. Healing takes place in all directions. Discover how close love brings us to each other. 

Sharon is an evidential medium of Spirit. Her work as an Energy Practitioner has amplified her ability to access and share the messages sent by our ancestors and beloveds.

  • Direct Contacts Welcome
  • Ancestral Lineage Sessions Available, 2 hours, $100
  • Readings are by phone or Zoom
  • 20min/40min/60min Readings for $30/$60/$90 Respectively

To schedule, email Sharon at

or call 443-851-3812  #alchemicaltouch

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