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The body speaks what it needs. Most often this is in the form of metaphor.   Sharon is trained in Jungian interpretation and symbology.  She is able to intuitively sense what the body is asking for. Together, Sharon and her clients discover the meaning and support that is needed for peace in the mind and heart.

Energy Bodywork Services:

  • All energy/bodywork services are $100/session (Sessions last 1 1/2 – 2 hours)

Chakra Balancing 

A hands-on bodywork technique using energy and touch to facilitate whole-person healing.  Chakra means “wheel” in sanskrit. The Chakra system has been studied in the East for over 5,000 years. Chakras are energetic vortices which feed our subtle and physical bodies.  Opening and balancing the Chakras allows energy to flow freely throughout, nourishing our minds, bodies, and souls.  Energetic blockages are often caused by emotional and physical traumas.  Clearing these blocks promotes emotional, mental and physical wellness.  When our energy is flowing appropriately, all of our resources are available to us to promote healing, insight, personal growth, and consciousness.


Reiki [Ray-kee] is an Eastern energy (qi or chi) bodywork technique in which practitioners place their hands lightly on or just above a person, with the goal of facilitating the person’s own healing response. Often, we feel spread too thin and pulled in many directions at once. Endless mind-chatter rings in our heads all day and frequently into the night.  Reiki can relax the body completely and quiet the mind.  This stillness gives us the opportunity to be in the present moment and gain a greater perspective about what we need to feel whole.  Reiki is both soothing and reinvigorating, depending on the state your body needs most.

Shamanic Healing

For millennia, tribal Shamans have been utilizing the Earth’s natural rhythms, symbols, animals, and plants to assess and treat illness.  Shamanic work explores suffering under the umbrella that we are all manifestations of the Universe and as such, what we need to heal is already mirrored somewhere in the cosmos.  Shamanic work allows us to explore the deeper meaning of our suffering in relationship to our childhood, our experiences, our spirit, and our unconscious.  Music, meditation, and metaphorical tools are utilized to facilitate this transformative exploration.


Reflexology utilizes gentle, steady pressure on the feet, hands, ears, and face, all considered microcosmic maps of the body. Similar to acupressure, this technique relaxes and rejuvenates tired hands and feet.    Reflexology also promotes circulation and detoxification.

Pranic Healing

Prana is the Sanskrit word for “life force.”  Pranic Healing rests on the philosophy that our energetic vibrations match the frequencies of the world around us.  Using similar frequencies, such as sound and color, can remind the body of the natural harmony of life that is abundant and available to all of us.

Zero Balancing

A modern energy bodywork technique developed in the West, Zero Balancing recognizes that the skeletal structure is the densest part of the body which receives and holds physical and emotional trauma.  Addressing the densest tissues with gentle energetic and structural manipulation can free the body’s energy to nourish and amplify the life force and promote internal harmony.

Caring Touch

Caring Touch is a light, gentle massage on the feet, hands, neck, and scalp that encourages a sense of safety and relaxation. Combined with other techniques or on its own, Caring Touch calms the mind and nervous system, allowing clients to move into a safe space where release and transformation are possible.

Essential Oils & Crystal Healing

The Earth naturally produces a multitude of materials which trigger our body’s healing response.  Essential oils, the essence of herbs and flowers, incorporate aromatherapy and energetic vibration to activate the mind and body’s sensory receptors. Essential oils are capable of passing through the blood-brain barrier and carry with them therapeutic benefits that can regulate hormone production, adrenal support, memory, and emotions.  Essential oils are also antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, invigorating, and calming.

All matter is in a constant state of change.  Cooling magma, deep within the earth, forms into elemental crystalline structures as the molecules bond.  This chaotic and transformative process births forth enchanting and otherworldly crystals of innumerable colors, shapes and sizes.   The vibratory nature of crystals (as seen when electricity is sent through crystals i.e. quartz watches), when incorporated in a healing session, can shift, regulate, and remind the body to return to its natural, harmonious state. (Two hour Comprehensive Crystal  Course available – contact

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